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At GGG Ink, we are experienced in tattooing a blank canvas, covering over existing tattoos with an improved design or simply refreshing old artwork to bring it back to life. We do portraits, script, custom designs, replicas, freehand, accessory tattoos and more. We are a Christian tattoo company and we emphasize tattoo artwork that is done as tribute, homage, testimony, or memorial. and ultimately reflects the love of Christ..

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Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation is a cosmetic hair loss treatment that uses ink to create the illusion of a buzz cut on a bald head. It can also be used to conceal areas in the hairline that have thinning hair. Requires Consultation and multiple appointments. Typically 2-3 sessions will be required. Book a consultation first and then follow with a 2 hour session.


Hair Cuts

We offer grooming services including haircuts for adults and children and eyebrow tattooing. We are a private studio offering these services by appointment only. Please inquire for more information or hit book an appointment. Weekly appointments are available.

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