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GGG Ink was founded in 2007 by Nick Fellows at Abilene Christian University. Over the last eleven years, Nick has done over 8000 pieces of tattoo artwork across the United States and his clientele continues to grow daily through word of mouth because of the quality work, professional family-friendly atmosphere & reasonable pricing that is guaranteed. Though Nick often tattoos celebrity and noteworthy clients, his passion is spending time with every day people listening to the testimonies that inspire their artwork.


Influenced by his Christian upbringing and continuous journey to keep God first in his life, artist Nick Fellows decided to stand apart by openly giving God all the Glory and recognition for the artistic talent he possesses. In 2010 he founded the Give God Glory Clothing, Co. a faith-based urban line that brings a breath of fresh air to the fashion industry. He continues to strive as a man of God creating a Ministry of Art that touches people's soul & reveals the love of Christ in an unlikely industry. 


The Give God Glory Brand's mission is to unite a body of believers who live a lifestyle that Gives God Glory.  Humbled and striving for excellence GGG will continue creating quality artwork and designs that will last a lifetime.


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